British Open Memories

British Open GolfOur favourite amongst the British Open memories reminds us all of what can happen in Major Golf Championships. If we are lucky enough to have something similar to it at the Open Golf Championship 2012 then we will be in for a cracking tournament. The memory we refer to came here at Turnberry in what was labelled the ‘Duel in the Sun’. It took place in 1977 between two British Open Legends, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. It will live long in British Open History.

The Duel in the Sun

British Open Golf LegendsIt was a little like the Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier ‘Thriller in Manilla’ when in the hot sun of Turnberry in 1977, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson traded blow for blow for four pulsating rounds over this most arduous of Links courses.

Both golfers got round in 68 on the first day and then quite surprisingly they both managed a 70 the next to share the lead. This meant that they played the final two rounds together and quite ridiculously both men carded an incredible 65 on the third day leaving them alone together, with identical scores, at the top of leaderboard; they were miles ahead of the field. The scene was therefore set for the final day, every pair of eyes that day were only interested in the outcome of the duel and the two great men never let them down.

They traded blow for blow, shot for shot, putt for putt until the finally on the 17th, Watson took the lead after Nicklaus had missed a relatively simple putt. Watson looked certain for victory when he smashed an iron right down the centre of the fairway, while Nicklaus unbelievable hit his ball into the rough gorse. Watson was absolutely set for victory when his second shot landed within two feet of the flag, there was no way the ‘Golden Bear’ could get back from that. Incredibly however, from what looked like an impossible position Nicklaus put everything into a good old hoick and by some miracle landed the ball on to the green. Still being his shot Nicklaus then fired in one of the best putts ever seen at any Open, leaving Watson at least having to hole his. In what was described as the ‘longest tiddler’, the crowd were in raptures and it was Nicklaus who sportingly calmed them down before Watson, with almost a tear in his eye holed to win the Claret Jug. The two men walked off the course arm in arm; Open history had witnessed the greatest ever finish to an Open Championship.

This match will no doubt be talked about a lot during the Championship so remember before placing your Free bets on your player tip anything can happen and probably will.